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Know us, know quality

Our superior customer service qualifies us to provide solutions that improve operational and financial outcomes.

The client is the focal point of our actions and thoughts

Industrial Engineer

Ingenious Solutions provides leading-edge integrated process systems, equipment & services that streamline engineering coordination, procurement, fabrication, and installation for our customers thereby improving delivery schedule and reducing overall cost.


Our expertise lies in producing and constructing

  • High-purity applications: Blend, Distribution and Metrology for accurate measurements & evaluations.

  • Custom engineering: Expert team designs & builds solutions for your specific needs.

  • Quality & reliability: Guaranteed by skilled engineers & technicians.


As seen below, our team of skilled engineers and technicians collaborates directly with our clients to design and create unique solutions that guarantee precise outcomes and improve overall efficiency.Our team of professionals guarantees the best quality and dependability from our products.

Additional offerings:

  • Engineering and consultation services to support your Chemical Distribution Design work.

  • Tool Install and Commissioning Services

  • Custom cabinets: Tailored to your needs for optimal functionality.


As industry leaders since our founding in 1997, we at Ingenious Solutions manufacture quality products for industrial pioneer clients around the world. We're proud of the excellent reputation we've earned by working with companies of all sizes, and we enjoy putting our minds together to produce quality goods that adhere to the highest standards.

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